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Healthy Tips

Listed here are a few tips to maintain healthy, which I had read from Women’s Weekly magazine.  I find it interesting and hope that you will sharing this information with your friends and family so everybody can live a healthy lifestyle. I will continue to search for tips that people always not think of as important to practice, but can do harm to human body in some ways. 


Healthy Tips Lesson 1



How to avoid osteoporosis?

We all know that calsium and vit D (helps absorb Calcium) are essential in building healthy bones, but that is not the end of the story.  Look what other nutrients can do to your bones:





What It Does

Where To Get It


Creates scaffolding around which healthy bones form.

Lean meat, cottage cheese, and soy products


Combines with calcium to build bone mass on top of protein foundation.

Oat bran, pumpkin seeds and brown rice.


Helps to keep body’s acid level within the range needed to maintain healthy bones strong.

Raisins, orange juice, banana and fat-free milk.

Vitamin K

Helps make bones’ scaffolding.

1 cup of cooked spinach or broccoli  provides the required 90mcg/day

Vitamin B12

Keeps body levels of homocysteine (an amino acid) from rising and weakening bones.

Liver, shellfish or take supplement.




 Know what’s inside the dip souce?

There are about 10,000 number of bacteria transferred from a mouth to a bowl of dip when someone else “double-dips” three to six times.  Yulks!





Are you brushing teeth at the right time?

Don’t brush your teeth right after meals!  Why?  According to German researchers, brushingteeththe acids in foods soften tooth enamel, making it vulnerable to damage from brushing.  So, start brushing after 30 mins to an hour for the acid to clear, and the tooth enamel

to reharden.  Rinsing won’t clear the acid though.





Coffee or tea for diabetes patients?

NO, NO, NO!  According to Duke University Medical Centre researchers, when a person with Type 2 diabetes drank 4 cups worth of caffeine, their blood sugar levels rose by 8%.  So, diabetes patients better quit drinking coffee and tea.


tea or coffee?

tea or coffee?