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2010 Feng Shui Cures And Enhancement (Part 2)

2010 Flying Star Chart

2010 Flying Stars Chart (Pic from














In Part 2, enhancement for all the lucky stars in 2010 will definitely provide you with good health and wealth luck.


This number 9 star symbolizes future prosperity, flies to the Northwest (NW) sector in 2010.  House with main door or bedroom located here can enjoy long-term benefits which extend to the future time.  This star also signify completion and successful conclusion of projects.

In order to enhance this star, you must keep the area NW brightly lit. Another best activator is the Victory Banner Windchime which you can place in the NW of your home or office.  It can helps you triumph over obstacles, enemies, competition, problems and obstructions.  Other than this, you can also display the Nine Civilian Rank Bagdes here to bring you upward mobility.


This auspicious Heaven Star #6 flies to teh East this year.  It brings prosperity luck, authority and power  from heaven.  For those who gamble, you will benefit from this star if your room is located in this sector of your house.  In order to activate this star, you need metal energy.  Hence, white or metalic colored wall coverings or scatter cushions in this part of house are definitely good.  You can place 6 Big Smooth Coins to activate this luck in the East sector of house, or living room.  House facing this direction sure can enjoy much heaven luck if you activate this lucky star.


This star #4 brings romance & study luck to North sector of office or house.  If you want to activate peach blossom luck, you can use all kind of symbols of romance.  Remember that #4 star is of wood element, so water can really benefit this star.  But not too much, because it will create the condition for sexual scandal.  Best choices are love birds and mandarin ducks.  Here, in the North, the romance star favors young men who are still single.  But those who are already married, do not activate this star because it will bring infidelity.  If your room is located here, use bright light or fire element to suppress its power. 

As for the scolastic luck that this star brings, you can activate it by placing literary symbols to enhance academic luck and career luck.  Those who engage in writing and literary career sure will benefit from this star.  You can also place single-pointed quartz crystal here to help you improve your concentration.


Thi year, the auspicious White Star #1 flies to the West.  This star can bring very good career and mentor luck.  It is also associated with winning over competition.  Furthermore, this star also brings good fortune to houses that have a West-facing or sitting orientation this year.  So, if you want to enjoy this victory luck and good fortune luck, remember to activate it with Liu Li Dragon Tortoise or 9 Rank Badges or Vitory Banner.


In 2010, the Prosperity Star #8 flies to the center sector of the house, therefore, benefiting all the family members.  This star brings income luck to everyone in general.  It is very auspicious if you could display Crystal 8 symbol in the center of home or office.  Other types of cystal balls are also useful as the earth element and further enhance this sector of earth element. 

This year, the presence of water element can also aid in activating the #8 star.  Place spring water feature or Dzambala water fountain here can also bring tremendous prosperity luck to residents of the house.  But you need to make sure that kitchen or toilet is not in this sector.  Make sure this sector is kept clean too.

In case you need to know details of enhancements recommended here, you can go to for reference.

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