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New Facebook E-mail Scam!

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Malware scammers are trying their best bait to fish all Facebook users into their pool.   Not only Facebook,  other social network such as MSN messenger, Friendster and MySpace also facing the same faith.  Latest spamming e-mail aimed at Facebook users disguised itself as Facebook user agreement.  The following is the content of the spamming e-mail:

Dear Facebook user,

Due to Facebook policy changes, all Facebook users must submit a new, updated account agreement, regardless of their original account start date.
Accounts that do not submit the updated account agreement by the deadline will have restricted.

Please unzip the attached file and run “agreement.exe” by double-clicking

The Facebook Team

If the recipient unzip and run the “agreement.exe” file, it actually install a variant of the Sasfis trojan which attempts to install a backdoor and download additional malware via the web.

This malware isn’t only affect Facebook users, anyone who is randomly picked by the malware can fall into the spam as well.  So, DO NOT SIMPLY TRUST YOUR SOCIAL NETWORK ADMIN E-MAILS. 

Source:  Mary Landesman at

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