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Does Your Computer Really Getting Patches Updates?

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Today’s malwares can actually disable Windows automatic update features.  Hence,  you will need to check periodically that Windows automatic updates is still enabled.  Recently, Microsoft just released 34 security patches which all MS users should have already have these patches in their computers.  You better check whether you get all of them.  Other than MS Windows, Adobe Reader and Acrobat, Adobe Flash, Apple Quicktime and Sun Java also have vulnerabilities which are easy target for malwares.

To check whether your Windows automatic update feature is enabled, just go to:

1)  Click Start

2)  Select Control Panel

3)  Select Performance and Maintenance

4)  Select System

5)  Click Automatic Updates tab

6)  Choose your updates preferences and time interval desired 

7)  Click Apply then click OK

Just in case that you do not have all the latest MS Windows patches, visit Microsoft Update website to download all the updates you need.

If you want to check your whole system for security vulnerabilities, you can visit Secunia Online Software Inspector and start scanning your computer.  You do not have to download it.  Just click Start Scan, your will get your report in a short while.  When you see a red x in your report, it means that particular software needs updates.  The website also provide links for updates which can save you plenty of times searching for the correct website to updates.

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