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2009 Feng Shui Cures and Enhancers (Part II)

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 In Part I, I have shown you all the bad feng shui energies and how to cure them.


Today, I’ll show you tips on how to enhance your lucky sectors in your house, in which these auspicious chi (energy) will bring you and your family good fortune.



1)  The South.  In 2009, South sector is graced by the presence Golden Deity star that strengthens the scholastic and marriage luck.   Houses that face South should enhance foyer with bright lights.  Anyone that wishes to increase their luck in marriage can place nine beautiful horses in this sector.  BUT, MARRIED COUPLES SHOULD NEVER ACTIVATE THIS LUCK BECAUSE IT WILL LEAD TO INFIDELITY.


Since the South is associated with attainments and recognition, combining with the Golden Deity here will brings great academic success.  If you reside in this part of the house, and you are in writing career, or engaged in literary professions, you should enhance the chi energy here with bright lights through out the night.  If your house facing the South, placing a Chinese Calligraphy Brush at the top corner of your main door will greatly help your children to obtain good grades.



2)  The Southeast (SE).  In the year of 2009, the auspicious number 8 star flies to the SE.  According to the Pa Kua, the SE is the wealth sector of a house or office.  Thus, if you activate the 8 star energy, you will enjoy strong wealth luck.

It is very auspicious if you can display good fortune symbols in the multiples of 9 e.g. 9 dragons (bring wealth), 9 elephants (bring the luck of attainments), 9 phoenixes (bring opportunities) or 9 goldfish (bring abundance). 



3)  The Northwest (NW).  The White Star 1 which is associated with victory luck flies to the NW this year.  Anybody resides in NW will surely benefit from this star.  Furthermore, there are Prosperity Luck Star in NW1 and Small Luck Rising Star in NW3.  Bringing the NW even more powerful energy towards success and prosperity. 


In order to energize this sector, you will need to display 1 auspicious symbol, such as carving made of precious stone (e.g. jade) whose Earth energy benefits the Metal Element of the NW.  Or by displaying the Nine Rank Badges here to create the sum of ten of 1 and 9.


If your house is facing NW, place the Nine Rank Badges in the living room or you can place Nine Victory Elephants for prosperity.

 9 Rank badge













4)  The Southwest (SW).  With the Star of Heavenly Luck flies to this sector, you will benefit the promise of celestial guidance and assistance if you reside in SW of your house.  In this sector, the Matriarch welcomes the Patriarch in a symbolic pairing that is very auspicious especially for couples. 


In SW1, there is another lucky star called the Star of Resting.  This brings the residents in this part of the house or office to do well in 2009 without having to put in much effort.


To energize this sector, simply put water feature and also supplement with bright lights to strengthen matriarchal energy.


For SW facing house, display water feature or Elephant with Monkey for promotion luck.


Elephant with Monkey 











5)  The Centre.  The Star of Future Prosperity lands in the centre of your home in 2009.  This star brings good fortune to all family members. 


To enhance its chi, just display Nine Rank Badges here or nine glitter lamps.  Other than that, you can put nine rod wind chimes or put green plants here.  Bright lights can help to enhance the chi here as well.



Source: Feng Shui World magazine




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