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2009 Feng Shui Cures and Enhancers (Part 1)


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 Just finished reading all about 2009 Feng Shui from “Feng Shui World” , a wonderful magazine published by Sdn Bhd, with Lillian Too as Publishing Director.  I wanted to share with you all the good tips to enhance your luck in 2009.


I bet everyone would have known that the world economy is plunging sharply since October 2008.  This financial crash ripples will continue to affect every person, even billionaires.  There are more than thousands of employees being terminated from services.  Life is sure going to be difficult in 2009! 

Just ask yourself,  ” Is my salary good enough to pay all my bills with a little extra to organize family vacation twice a year?”  If your answer is yes, then praise yourself.  If no, then arm yourself with good feng shui tips.

Part 1:  The Bad Sectors In Your House ( To Cure)

Every year, one must know where the TAI SUI  resides and make sure to place appeasement symbols and carry out the correct rituals.   This year in 2009, Tai Sui is housed in the first sector of the NorthEast direction, which is also the location of OxGeneral Hong Yau Theen is this year Tai Sui, who is noted for courage and benevolence.  So, in 2009, TAI SUI is helpful to all those born in year of Ox. 


It is beneficial to place a Pi Yao carved out of precious stones (can be jade or other earth color) in the NE as it can pleased the TAI SUI, and bring good fortune into the home.  Other than that, displaying the TAI SUI amulet can help you to smoothen obstacles.

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REMEMBER: Not to disturb the place of TS, ie, the NE1 location.  No renovation, no drilling, banging, and knocking down walls, or digging holes in the ground.  Disturbing the NE could bring misfortune and no one would want that to happen!

The following are the rest of the afflicted sectors that you must not ignore.

1)  The West.  The Illness Star resides in the West in 2009.  If your house facing West, the remedies will be to hang Acala’s disc and ball in your front area, paint front door white and dim all lights at front door foyer.  For bedrooms in the west of home, it is advised to place brass wu lou and Acala’s disc and ball.  In 2009, the Golden Deity brings good vibes to the West.  So display Bodhisattva Acala in “gold” can protect against illness star and activated the Prosperity Star which resides nearby.

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2)  The North.  Wu Wang star fly to the North this year.  This star brings misfortunes to people resides in North facing houses and who’s bedrooms located in the North of house.  There are three remedies for this star.

  • Use the Five Element Pagoda with bigger base ( with mantras embossed ) and place it on a table in the particular afflicted area (bedroom or front of North facing house).

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  • Or, use Five Element Big Bell at 8 to 12 inches high (with mantras embossed). This is a powerful cure against the Five Yellow.  Strike the bell at least once a day and more often if you happen to be going through difficult time.

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  •  Salt remedy on Brass Bowl with Coins.   Get a brass bowl and fill it with rock or sea salt and place on a sideboard or coffee table in the North part of your living room, office or study room.  But do not place in your bedroom and children’s rooms.
  • DO NOT RENOVATE THE NORTH.  Keep the North quite in 2009.

3)  The Northeast.  Hostile Star which is associated with arguments, misunderstandings and court cases is sure to affect people who works or live in this sector.  Manjushri’s Flaming Swordis the best remedy to subdue all quarrelsome energy.  Place it in the NE of your living room or on the NE of your desk.  If you sleep in NE room, place it on the table in that room.  Houses that face NE should use a larger flaming sword and remove water features that are near the front door.  You can also paint your door or wall red to suppress this bad energy.



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4)  The East.  In 2009, Robbery Star falls into the East sector of the house, and if your main door facing the East, you must place protective  features here because it brings danger of violence and burglary.  It will also threat the eldest son in the family.  Anybody resides in the East, should move to other room in 2009 to avoid its influence.  If this is not possible, then the person should place Blue Double Horned Rhino in that room.   If the main door facing East, place 2 Blue Double Horned Rhinos flanking your front door is excellent protection.  Or, you can put water feature inside your house near the main door. 


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5)    The Three Killings.  In 2009, the Three Killings (TK) falls to the East.  So the East sector not only afflicted by Robbery Star, but also the Three Killings.  TK brings 3 types of bad luck which is,  loss of one’s good reputation, loss of  loved one and loss of wealth.  For the cure, it is always the famous three:  Chi Lin, Fu Dog and Pi Yao. Place these celestial protectors at the front of house for East facing house (facing out).  The others can put these powerful protectors at the East sector of the house too.

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I will continue to give you information on the Lucky Sectors that you can enhance at your home in Part II.

If you want to buy the amulets or symbols mentioned above, you can click the link titled: Feng Shui With Lillian Too at the left side of my blog.


Author: Georgina

I love to share good information with friends and family, love travelling and tasting delicious food.

14 thoughts on “2009 Feng Shui Cures and Enhancers (Part 1)

  1. Thank You Georgia for sharing your knowledge!
    I can’t wait to put some of your Feng Sui suggestions to use right away!

  2. I’m more than happy to share my knowledge in Feng Shui. Will post more FS tips in a later date. Stay tuned!

  3. I am a west person,can I face east when watching tv in the living room

  4. As I am a west person can I watch the as you mention one cannot sit with back to east.

    thank so much

  5. Dear Elene,
    It’s best for you, the west person, that you don’t face east; especially at your working area.
    If you spend many hours a day watching tv, then you can change the location of your tv to suit your lucky facing point based on your Kua number, at the same time must avoid the bad flying stars in 2009.

  6. Dear Georgina,

    My laundry room is in the NE section of my apartment. How can i avoid the bad energy in that area?

  7. Dear Brianne,
    Laundry room, toilet, bathroom, store room and kitchen if affected by bad flying star of that year, it is perfectly safe to say you don’t have to put any cure at that place. Because, those aren’t your resting place and not you normally don’t stay in those room for long.

    Rooms I mentioned above already good cures for bad energy, so no cures needed to be placed at your laundry room. Relax pal, you are safe.

  8. Thank you very much for your kind reply. I have been reading lilian too book since 2003 and others feng shui books too so far llilians book is most informative and easy to learn ,but what I am not too sure is mine HDB flat is a period 7 flat and 2 weeks before chinese new year 2009 the whole of the our HDB and surrounding block s ( about 100 over of the blocks were all given a brand new coat of paint and it looks so refreshing and beautiful and I read in one of lillian books saying that a new coat of paint in the whole block means it is now a period 8 flat. Please give me a reply as my flat faces south 2 period and it is very bad. I am patiently waiting for your kind reply. so that I can take all the advises given by lilian as I only believe in her feng shui and not other masters.

    Thank you so much

  9. hi georgina!

    my husband and i are both dog person, both born 197o. since we transfer here in our apartment a year ago, i noticed that our finances went badly, business is not doing well, and debts piled up. somebody told me that our stove placed on the wrong direction..can you pls help me find my/our best direction/placement of our stove?and what are the other enchancers that i could possibly do to help us boost our sales and be financially stable…

    your precious time giving us tips will be very much appreciated..and i will be very grateful for it…

    thank you very much..have a blessed day!

  10. Hi Lynlee,
    I’ve sent e-mail to you for this reply.

    Have a nice day.

  11. Hello Georgina; My husband and I both work in our business, and we work from home. Last month we moved into a town house that has a square structural pillar facing the front door about 6 feet away. Because this is a town house in a complex, we are not allowed to place plants or anything on or around this pillar.
    Can you suggest anything we can do to lessen the negative effect of this pillar?
    Many thanks, Sunny

  12. Hi sunny,
    It’s good that you know the most common remedy for blocking the negative chi from pillar is putting plants (which should be tall as well) around it. Since you mentioned that this can’t be done, then you may try one of the following:
    1) Relocate your front door to side which is not in line with the pillar, or
    2) Use another door as entrance, or
    3) Put 6 rod metal wind chime in between pillar and front door.

    My very best wishes to you and your family.

  13. I believe this is one of the so much vital information for me. And i’m satisfied studying your article. However should observation on few normal issues, The web site style is perfect, the articles is actually excellent : D. Good task, cheers

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