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Is Soy Safe for Consumption?

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From all the advertisements about soy products, everyone knows that soy is good for our health. It can prevents cancer, lower cholesterol level, build healthy bones, etc., but newest research done on soy has proven the opposites.

The findings are as follows:

1) Phytic acid in soy can distort human growth and can’t be gotten rid of by washing

2) Soy can causes the body to increase need for Vitamin D, which is needed for strong
and well-balanced bones.

3) Soy can prevent body from absorbing prescribed medication for people with thyroid

4) Estrogen in soy foods can cause young girls to hit puberty early before their time
and is also known for upsetting growth of the brains and the bodies of little boys.

5) Continual consumption of soy will increase the risk of cancer for girls and infertility
for boys.

6) Abnormal proteins in processed soy foods may cause cancerous cells to form within
the body. It is advised to consume natural soy foods instead.

Despite the negative side of soy, it is not necessarily to stop taking soy completely. Moderation approach on soy consumption will do us just fine. Tofu or soy milk once a week can do good to us rather than harm (just don’t drink 2 litres of soy milk a day, ok?)

For more details, refer source:


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